Social Impact Career Coaching: A New Paradigm

I developed the concept of Social Impact Career Coaching because I wanted to build a support system for people who find themselves suffering in a line of work that should bring us joy. Life is precious. The recognition of this fact is often the reason that people sign up to serve others. Somewhere along the way, things go awry. We become unhappy, which makes us ineffective public servants. My aim with Social Impact Career Coaching is to help people right their ships. It is to help people take shortcuts to happiness and make the most of their desire to serve others.

Unsilencing Ourselves

When people silence themselves out of a fear of how they will be received, they create suffering. They suffer as a result of being bottled up, and the world suffers as a result of not hearing their voices. So how can people begin to feel comfortable sharing the wisdom of their experience with a world that does not seem ready to accept it with love?    

Pouring Soul into Objects

As I have changed how I think about material possessions, and been asking myself how things do—or don’t—serve me in the present moment, I have realized that I used to ascribe value to things at an unhealthy level. I had been confusing mementos from certain experiences with the experiences themselves. I had been confusing gifts from people I cared about with the relationships with those people. On a deeper level, it felt as though I had been pouring my very spirit—my very soul—into material objects, which is why, on the hot Paraguayan summer day [when I was pickpocketed], it felt as though those men were not just stealing an object, they were stealing a piece of me.