Social Impact Career Coaching

Now is the time to make a serious change

Many people who work in the social services imagine that a life dedicated to service would feel satisfying, renewing, and enriching, but find over years of hard work that they are burned out and questioning the impact of their efforts. The following factors are, at least in part, to blame for this phenomenon: 

  • Many social impact programs do not address the root issues of problems

  • Social safety net programs sometimes have unintended consequences, serve people who don't need the support, and completely miss entire demographics who do need the support

  • Vicarious trauma, or the trauma that one experiences as a result of repeated exposure to stories of the trauma of clients 

  • Deep engagement in a specific field over a long period of time makes it difficult to see the bigger picture of change you set out to create in the first place

  • A pernicious effect of the need for fundraising is the (often unconscious) need for organizations to justify their existence by focusing more deeply on society problems than is healthy or productive for staff or clientele

As a Social Impact Career Coach, I am primarily interested with one thing: helping you harness that original fire you had for changing the world and direct it toward work that changes the world in bigger ways than you ever imagined.

Sounds great, but how does it work?

I start with a complimentary 30-minute session, during which I will ask you to talk about your earliest memories of wanting to help people, your current or most recent job, and the things that are out of alignment for you right now.  I will then provide an overview of the roadmap and kinds of tools I would propose if you decide to move forward with more sessions, and leave time for questions or further conversation as needed.